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Full Version: Mixbus v4.3 - FREE Update for Mixbus and Mixbus32C
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Mixbus and Mixbus32C users may download a FREE v4.3 update!

Mixbus customers should have already received an email with the 4.3 links; if not, please write our support email at: mixbus@harrisonconsoles.com

List of changes in v4.3:
  • Audition action ("A"):
  • video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w7J69Nf5UY
  • Press "A" (audition) to start playback:
  • If a Track is selected, the track(s) will be automatically solo'ed.
  • If a Range is selected, the selected track(s) will be automatically solo'ed.
  • If a Region is selected, the tracks will be soloe'd, and the selected region(s) will be played... regardless of their location in the region layer stack. Unselected regions (even regions on the same track) will be muted.
  • When the transport is stopped, the solos will be cleared.
  • Press ESC to clear the selection (and clear solos)
  • Zoom action ("Z"):
  • "Z" zooms to selection (as before)
  • NEW: If no selection exists, "Z" will zoom out both axes.
  • Added peak-hold dot to channelstrip meters.
  • The peak-hold dot turns red when clipping only in the case of a track metering the input level. This also applies to the peak-hold display under the fader.
  • You can adjust the peak-hold time in Preferences->Metering.
  • Knobs in 32C: display values in the channel name slate:
  • Frequency knobs show values 0-100% (sorry, it is still not practical to display the exact frequency)
  • Gain knobs now display the gain value in the slate.
  • Mixbus send knobs display the mixbus name, and value.
  • Lua Script buttons become more generic “Action-Buttons”
  • Action-Buttons can now trigger an action shortcut or a Lua script.
  • Show the Action-Buttons from Preferences->Appearance->Toolbar
  • Right-click on the action button to assign its function.
  • Added dedicated support for the new PreSonus Faderport16 ( beta / work in progress)
  • Added dedicated support for Tascam US-2400 control surface. video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHJwTncc2e4
  • Added Tascam US-2400 and Behringer X-Touch to the list of devices that will not be auto-connected to a track input, when a new MIDI track is instantiated.
  • Master bus compressor: changing the knob would not automatically turn the compressor "on". This has been fixed.
  • VST plugin timestamps: if the VST dll was timestamped in the “future”, it would always be ignored. This has been fixed.
  • When selecting a track in a group, you would be scrolled to the first (top) channel in the group. This has been fixed. Selecting a track will scroll to show the selected track, not the top of the group.
  • Template files have their own extension so they can be readily recognized ( .ardour-template-archive rather than the generic "tar.xz" )
  • Improvements to .ptf session import.
  • Mac: Don’t recurse into VST bundle folders. This fixes a problem when there’s a symlink to the VST folder inside the VST folder itself, which creates an infinite recursive loop and prevents Mixbus from launching.
  • Mac: VST plugins would not allow text entry, even if the green keyboard was enabled. This has been fixed.
  • Windows: Fixed an error that can prevent launching on Windows when the username had non-ascii characters in it.
  • Windows: Creating an archive ( session archive, track-templates, or session-templates ) from the Mixbus dialog could take "forever" and result in huge file sizes. This has been fixed.
Thanks a lot Smile and Happy Xmas for Harrison's guys and Mixbus users...and others......
thanks for this gift !
Ben, Thanks for the update. Warm wishes of the season to the entire Harrison family and all the great folks on this forum.
Oh, by the way, great video "Using a Tascam US-2400 with Harrison Mixbus", Thanks for your time and effort.
Thank you! I was quite pleased to see US-2400 support. It works like a charm. Merry Christmas!
Thank you for the update !!
The new Audition mode is very interesting, I'll try it soon...

Joyeux Noël !!
Thank you to all the team Harrison!
Thank you for the update ...I'm just getting around to installing it .

During the installation this dialog box came up .
[Image: B5IBsFn.jpg]
Should I be worried ?
The first time I saw it I cancelled the install , the second time around I just went with ignore and let the installer do it's thing ...

thanks in advance

Ignore might work. But reboot & re-install should solve this.

Mixbus registers a dedicated mono-space font. When Mixbus crashes, the font is not un-registered and the font-file cannot be replaced.
Hi x 42,

I did what you suggested ,,reboot & re-install ...seems fine now

thank you

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